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Prezentace našich pokoju

Boží Dar stands at well-accessible area, 25 km from Karlovy Vary, 135 km from Prague or 330 km from Berlin.

Zimní aktivity

Ski areal Novako

Ski areal Novako has one lift and fair, easy to ride slope. Approx. 250 meters from pension. it stands ideal for begginers or Small children. When enough snow, the Snowtubing is open. See the website here.

Ski areal Hranice

has one lift and one easy to ride slope as well. It is located approx. 500 meters from our pension and there is quite a big car park as well. Active Skipark and Night skiing. See the website here.


Around 10 minutes by a car it is to german Fichtelberg. It is around as large as Neklid, but there use to be a way more people. Link here.

Ski areal Klínovec

Ski areal Klínovec is the biggest areal in the location. In summer 2018, it was merged with former Ski areal Neklid via slopes. Since then, the two areals are connected together. We reccomend getting there by a car, but it is in a walkable distance. The areal includes many slopes of many difficulties. Spacious carpark is availlible. Link here.

Cross-country skiing

Boží Dar is popular for Cross country skiing. There are many and many tracks. See the map above.

Letní aktivity


Areal Novako has its use even in summer – tricycles instead of skis. Link here.

Baby Jesus Trail

Baby Jesus Trail is a good half-day walk in local nature not only for children. Visit for more.


Bobsleigh track in Oberwiesenthal is just 4 km from Boží Dar, and it is definitely worth of it. Link here.

Jáchymov City

Jáchymov city is known for Radium Spa. There are as well many mines and museums relating to the mining activities in Medieval era (silver), and Socialist Era (Uranium mines), when Czechoslovakia was a satelite of SSSR Check out this for more information.


Explore the Klínovec mountain on bikes. There are multiple tracks with different difficulties for downhill ride. Uphill, yu can use the slope "Prima express" See more here.

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